Tech Ops Bulletin -Alleged harassment in the workplace via email

Alleged harassment in the workplace via email correspondence

Brothers and Sisters,

For those members that have received an e-mail response from Glen Gilbertson for alleged harassment in the workplace.
Your Shop Committee states the following;

Because of an unsolicited email, the Company has given certain TMOS members, via email, notice of future discipline up to and including termination for actions that were not conducted by the recipients’ of the correspondence.

We find the Company’s email response to be threatening, condescending and punitive in nature.

We do not see any statements in the “overtime information” email as condoning or advocating uncivil, aggressive or violent behaviour in the workplace. The Company also states that this alleged conduct can contribute to a poisoned work environment. We will agree and further contend that this condition already exists and is precipitated by a management team that is ineffective in directing its working forces.

Your Shop Committee asks you the membership to continue acting and behaVing in the manner that is synonymous with your profession.

If you require further information do not hesitate contacting us in person or via email at jdermo@iamaw2323.ca and ctucker@iamaw2323.ca

In Solidarity,

Joe Dermo
Clinton Tucker

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