Tech Ops, Logistics & Supply Shop Committee -Notice



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Your Shop Committee was not permitted to participate in the recently posted 5 and 2 shift matrix design.
We did not have input into your crew selections or assignments. Please perform your own due diligence to
ensure your seniority rights have been respected in reference to your crew assignment. Should you find a
discrepancy in your crew assignment the recommended process is as follows;

1) Bring the concern to your on shift management staff member.

2) Send an email outlining your concern to wendy.finn@aircanada.ca and copy dfreeman@iamaw2323.ca
as well as jveltri@iamaw2323.ca

3) Should you not receive a satisfactory and acceptable resolution, file a formal written
grievance via a Shop Steward on your rotation or visit the Shop Committee office in Bay 8
and we can assist you with the escalation of this process.

Thank you all for your patience, and support.

Respect and solidarity,

David Freeman
Joe Veltri
Tech Ops, Logistics and
Supply Shop Committee, YYZ

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