Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin -Local 2323

This Tentative Agreement is an insult. The sole intent of this ‘offer’ is to weaken us and gain control over a membership that has finally begun to fight back. The Company we saved from bankruptcy. The Company who claims to care about working conditions and employee morale has shown its true intentions. “Do as you are told”.

• The proposed TA eliminates shift language we currently have in the CBA and local agreements. In 2010 line maintenance members overwhelmingly by 92% rejected the company’s proposed shift changes. The proposed shift changes also increases the amount of time spent at work (current 4/4 compared to the proposed 4/4 & 5/3 combo). It reduces the company’s financial obligation for working statutory holidays.

• The company is no longer required to allow summer vacation. They also have the ability under the proposed changes to have vacations bid on cycles, side or week or shift pattern as they deem appropriate within the work location.

• The proposed category language changes negatively impacts CAT 23 (millwright) and CAT 50 (stores).

• It removes your right to grieve.(ie; stores bonus program and advancement to LAT5)

• LLAT positions will be eliminated and the role of the LATwil1 be changed to assume the responsibilities of these eliminated pOSitions.

This Tentative Agreement is poison. It does nothing to address the concerns and hardships of the membership. It will do nothing to improve working conditions or morale. Are you prepared to accept four more years?



Joe D’Ermo

Clinton Tucker

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