Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin -Your Rights to Union Representation

Your Rights to Union Representation

Brothers and Sisters,

Under the terms of the Collective Agreement and Part I (Industrial Relations) of the Canada Labour Code all members have a right to Union Representation. You also have the right to refuse unsafe work under the provisions of Part II (Occupational Health & Safety) of the Canada Labour Code.

Your Technical Operations Health & Safety Committee and Shop Committee strongly urge you exercise those rights and ensure you have Union Representation (H&S Representative or Shop Steward) in the event you are asked to attend an incident! accident or disciplinary investigation.

All other matters involving a change in status must be communicated as per article 20.03.01 (orders in writing). Other than the rights management is afforded as defined under the terms of the collective agreement we see no need to engage in conversation with management. There are no innocent chit chats.

Please guide yourselves accordingly.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the respective undersigned chairperson(s) of the Health & Safety or Shop Committee.

In Solidarity,

Edward Galas
Union H&S Committee

Joe D’Ermo
Chair Tech Ops Shop Committee Chair

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