Negotiations Update Bulletin October 1, 2012 -District 140 Bulletin

Negotiations Update Bulletin
October 1, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We met with Air Canada during the week of September 24, 2012, to raise some outstanding issues and to review the language changes in the collective agreement in preparation for printing.

The list of the main outstanding items are listed below. As the Company was unable to give us any answers on these, additional meetings are scheduled this week.

1) Lump sum problems

  • List of membership (who did not get paid, and why)
  • GW Life, WSIB/CSST, Maternity Leaves, Paternity Leaves
  • Retirements
  • Laid-off members January 2012, February 2012, and those who accepted alternate employment until June 2012
  • Those on GDIIP who work 50% and GW Life tops up. Does GW Life pay the 2% uplift as well?

2)  LAT5 2%, pay rate improperly calculated.

3)  LLAT Minimums 26 September 2012

  • Requirements (location) breakdown by category by city
  • Under review (letters from company to LLATs)

4)  Communicators, pay levels

5)  Letter for ACM Communicator (if they wanted the job). No letters have been received.

6)  Skill pay of $50 for categories 21, 25 and 37

7)  Update on back pay from April 2012 (shift premiums, retro for endorsement premiums)

8.  System seniority list PT (transfer)

9)  CAT 33 and CSCA merge. When and how?

10)  General Holiday – Airports

  • 1 full week of vacation

11) FT to PT

  • Above-basic must follow line of promotion, above-basic must demote first then transfer to PT (this can be done on the same day if proper paperwork is in (demotion and transfer)

12) ACM (does not apply to ACM)

  • Pro-rated vacation for those on LTD returning to the workplace (excluded)
  • Six months of benefits for new hires (excluded)

In solidarity,

Your IAMAW / TMOS Negotiations Committee

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