Airport & Cargo Shop Committee -Shift Bid Update

Shift Bid Update

The shift bid committee has met with the company since Friday morning to reach an acceptable shift bid. During 4 days of hard bargaining, your shift bid committee has reached an agreement. The shift committee entered these negotiations with a list of items on our agenda that were must haves, if these items were not met, we would not agree to the shift bid. We are pleased to announce we got every item on the list.

Even though there is an 8% reduction in the flight schedule, the following are the improvements we gained verses the original company shift bid proposal;

A reduction of 50 Station Attendant bid lines has been reduced to 7, a gain of 43 bid lines more than the original proposal

A reduction of 8 Lead Attendant bid lines has been reduced to 0, a gain of 8 LSA bid lines

Improved Zone 1 from 5 bid lines to 12 and introduced some 4X4. Zone 1 numbers are down as a lot of regional flights are going to be operated by the QK 400 which will be gated

Increased day shifts on ramp

Double the number of 4X3 shifts for LSA and SA

Same number of 4X4 shifts for SA as last winter

Increase of 4X4 in baggage

5X2 LSA shifts with part time are all day shift; we are up 12 bid lines from last winter

Moved shift bid times to line up days and afternoon times

Up 4 lines in tow which are all 4X4

Up STI lines for LSA

4X3 days shift moved back to 0500 from 0600 and made into 5 man crews

1500 circuit runner moved back to 1400

Increased by 8 the number of connection runners

Increased by 3 LSA in Zone 4

The number of total compressed shifts percentage is the same as last bid

Other Relief – now will be able to fill out a preference sheet indicating days or afternoons preference.

The shift bid will begin on Oct 17 and flip on Nov 17

Bid Sheets will be emailed Thursday with hard copies out Friday

We will be in the work place on Thursday to answer any questions you may have.

The Shop Committee would like to thank Brad Gomes and the shift bid committee, Greg Fortushniok, Dan Budgell and Emil Varosi for their hard work to bring forward the best bid possible. We would also like to thank the membership for your support and letting the company know that you stood behind us while we continued these shift bid negotiations.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Frank Morgani

Vick Seebalak Brad Gomes

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