Ramp and Baggage Shift Bid -Airport & Cargo Shop Committee Bulletin

September 25, 2012

Ramp and Baggage Shift Bid

The Work Schedule Review Committee, formerly the shift bid committee, met today with local manpower managers to review the changes to the new collective agreement with regards to the shift bid. The following items are part of the new collective agreement:

• The bid sheets will be emailed to all members at your Air Canada email address

• Shift bid start times can be moved by 1 hour as per operational requirements

• Shift times and scheduled days off can be changed for training requirements

• The only item the WSRC can review with the company is moving the company’s proposed shift start times by half an hour, not manpower requirements on laterals or ramp work areas.

Remember, these conditions were not negotiated but forced on us by the federal government’s heavy handed interference in our collective bargaining rights.

The Shop Committee

Derek Morgan Frank Morgani
Vick Seebalak Brad Gomes

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