Aveos/Air Canada Hearings at the ClRB

October 7, 2010
Brothers and Sisters;

District and Local Lodge representatives from across the country attended the CIRB hearings in Ottawa this past week.

The decision from the board members in regards to the Union’s application to common employer was positive for the membership. There are hearings scheduled for November and December to present and hear submissions from all parties involved.

What does this all mean for us in YYZ Mtce? That Aveos’ and Air Canada’s request to split the certification will not happen as anticipated on October 19, 2010. The employee’s transition decision making period (74 days) will not commence until the ClRB has made a final decision.

Further information on the events from this past week will be communicated from the offices of District lodge 140.

On another front, Local Lodge 1751 executive board members met with Transport Committee Members of Parliament from the NDP, BLOC and Liberal parties to discuss current and ongoing issues within the Air Transport industry in Canada. The Air Canada Act and the outsourcing of work to Aveos in EI Salvador was raised during question period in the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon by the Quebec NDP, MP Thomas Muclair.

Clint and I will ask that you contact your area riding Member of Parliament and convey to him or her, our concerns of sending Canadian Aviation jobs and work out of the Country. We need assurances from the Government, Industry and the respective Companies that the Airframe, Components and EMC work stays here in Canada.

Your participation and involvement is required in getting the message out.

In Solidarity,

YYZ Technical Operations, Logistics and Supply Shop Committee
Joe Dermo
Clint Tucker

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