District Bulletin #35 -Transition Bumping and Layoffs




Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Your District 140 general chairpersons and respective shop committee members met over the past two days to monitor the bumping and layoff triggered by the transition selections of members at Air Canada and Aveos.

These two days of discussions with both companies (Air Canada and Aveos) have been extremely difficult, to say the least. Round one of a potential three rounds in connection with the transition and bumping process was completed and the next set of layoff letters will be processed by Air Canada and sent out over the weekend in accordance with their schedule. During this meeting, we addressed several issues with both companies. Following many hours of discussion, we notified them that we will be bringing to their attention all anomalies we find, with the expectation that these be corrected before the transition date. The companies were also advised that we would be seeking full redress for any issues that, if not quickly resolved, will put members at a disadvantage.

Each employee’s transition and bumping selections have been identified and recorded, and affected individuals will be notified by Air Canada.

The transition date is set for July 14, 2011. However, the actual movement date has not yet been determined.

There are still many outstanding transition and bumping issues to be resolved pertaining to employees’ bumping choices and when and how these employees will make the transition to their selected employer.
Secondment issues and how these will be handled during the time periods outlined in the transition MOA also need to be addressed.

In an effort to provide you with clear answers before the transition date, we will continue to meet with both companies to resolve these issues.

The next transition, bumping and layoff meeting is scheduled for next June 3. At the conclusion of this meeting, District Lodge 140 will provide you with an update.

We thank you for your continued patience and support during this very stressful period during which you are forced by Air Canada to make life-altering career decisions.

In solidarity,

Fred Hospes
General Chairperson,  Western Region

Gary Sinclair
General Chairperson , Central Region

Georges Bujold
General Chairperson, Eastern Region


BULLETIN NO. 035 – ISSUED MAY 20, 2011

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