Line Maintenance Shift Vote

October 21, 2010


Brothers and Sisters,
The Line Maintenance vote for the Company’s proposed shift changes will take place on November 4th and 5th 2010 in the Bay 8 cafeteria from the hours of 0700 to 1500.

Your union card or RAIC identifying yourself as an affected Tech Ops employee (Cat 01, 13, 19, 38) is required to receive a ballot.

As per the Local Lodge bylaws Article XXII, section 3 (b); That when member votes are conducted to introduce compressed workweek type sifts (4/4, 4/3 etc.) a majority of 60% will be required for member approval. This vote is not defined in the IAM&AW constitution and as such there will be no absentee ballots issued.

For those that are interested we will be seeking volunteers (scrutineers) to count the ballots on November 5th. Please contact the Local Lodge President or Secretary Treasurer at 905-678-0010.

Please ensure your participation.

In Solidarity,

Joe D’Ermo
Clint Tucker

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