Notice for Shop Steward Vacancies

December 03, 2010

Notice for Shop Steward Vacancies

Brothers and Sisters,

We are accepting nominations for shop stewards in GSE, ASE and Stores.

The GSE vacancies are on the following shifts; Days A & B cycle, Afternoons A cycle.

ASE; 5/2 Dayshift

Stores; 4/4 Night Shift, odd and even cycles.

The cut off date for submissions will be Friday December 31, 2010. We will present the nominations to the January Local Lodge Executive Board for approval as per local lodge bylaws.

If there is more than one nominee per shift then runoff elections for the position will be held.

Please see us in the office for more information and nomination forms.

In Solidarity,

Joe D’Ermo
Clinton Tucker

YYZ Technical Operations, Logistics and Supply Shop Committee
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