Tech Ops Bulletin: Continuous Improvement

Airline Central Lodge 2323 IAMAW

Technical Operations, Logistics & Supply Shop Committee Communiqué

August 12, 2010

We have noticed you in the workplace watching us and we know what you are trying to do. We are on to you and we will not participate in the elimination of our jobs

Continuous Improvement;

The identification, reduction and the elimination of suboptimal processes carried out incrementally over a long period of time.

It may work for Toyota but what makes you think it will work for us and why would we let you try? It seems the better we get at doing something the more we lose? When we work smart we do not get recognized. We do it for the benefit for the company. Our entrepreneurial spirit at one time was unhindered and celebrated. You have taken that spirit away. You have taken many things away.

You bring silent strangers into our workplace. These silent strangers are working away in those upstairs back offices putting processes in place that will eliminate our jobs. They don’t care about us. Is that why they don’t talk to us? Do they find it difficult to look into our eyes knowing some of us may be out of a job as a result of their process improvements? Spineless strangers

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Through a continuous improvement process initiative the company is poised to reduce the overall technician headcount and save $5.2 million dollars in the process. Can something as simple as kitting parts and consumables in the ramp maintenance vehicles cause a manpower reduction? A new initiative known as ‘Service Check Effectiveness’ being developed by the ‘Continuous Improvement’ department has proposed just such a measure. Your complete co-operation and participation is encouraged by the company. The outcome???

Your Shop Committee believes that in their enthusiasm the company has made the incorrect assumption that we will willingly participate in this latest initiative. We have seen this many times before through various practices from the past. All it has caused is mistrust and discord.

When will this company learn?

For further information please do not hesitate to see us in the office.
You may also contact us at:
jdermo@iamaw2323.ca and ctucker@iamaw2323.ca.

If you contact us through email we will ask that you use a personal email address, not your AC mail address.

In Solidarity,

YYZ Technical Operations, Logistics and Supply Shop Committee.

Joe Dermo  Clint Tucker

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TechOps Bulletin_Line Maintenance Continuous Improvement_August 12_2010 (pdf)

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