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Brothers and Sisters

Local Management has once again lived up to all expectations and has struck yet another all time low.

On November 11th Cat38 Stephen Li was placed on suspension, by the company, pending investigation.
The investigation is apparently focused on his snagging of Embraer APU start/stop switches.

Brother Li was simply doing his job. He was doing nothing other than carrying out his duties as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. This appears to have been perceived as a cause for discipline.

During the initial phase of the investigation Brother Li was subjected to an intense and aggressive interrogation by none other than Corporate Security. Apparently unable or unwilling to handle the matter on their own, local management decided to turn to what might be considered by some to be a hired ‘goon’. While we are sure that the gentleman from Corporate Security is exceptionally qualified to investigate such pressing concerns as bathroom graffiti, we find ourselves questioning his expertise in matters of aircraft maintenance.

The interrogation conducted by Corporate Security appears to have no other purpose than to establish wrongdoing on Brother Li’s part. So much for an impartial and all encompassing investigation. Perhaps the reason behind this investigation was simply an attempt to intimidate our membership? When such things as jail time and the involvement of Transport Canada are inferred what else could one possibly think?

Currently Brother Li’s suspension has been extended to allow for further investigation. We have no doubt that he will be cleared of all allegations of wrong doing. What remains to be seen is how far management will pursue this persecution.

Local management’s behaviour in this matter is nothing short of shameful and insulting. They are an embarrassment. Morale amongst their employees is at an all time low and they wonder why? If they looked in a mirror they might see the answer to that question. One even wonders if they even can look in a mirror anymore.

Please be aware that there appears to be no level to which these people will sink. We encourage the membership to conduct themselves accordingly and protect themselves at all times.

In Solidarity

Joe D’ermo
Clinton Tucker

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