Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin -Update on Shift Discussions

August 24, 2010

Brothers and Sisters,

Just a quick update on the shift discussions;

• We are accepting shift surveys until the end of the month. Please encourage participation to those that have not submitted.

• We have received an updated proposed shift from the company with an increased manpower requirement due to the 777  “A” checks scheduled for this fall.

• Here are some highlights of the company’s proposal;

Ramp, all 4/4 with the following start times (0900, 1230, 2330 or 2000?)

Hangars East, 4/4 with the following start times (0700, 1020, 2030) and a 4/3

Tuesday-Friday for the 777 “A” check starting at 2330.

Hangars West, 4/4 with the following start times (0700, 1020, 2030) and a 4/3 or 5/2 at 0700 and 1500.

Engine Area, 4/4 with a 0700 start time.

Stoc, Contracts, etc, TBD.

• We are also discussing eliminating the current process of bidding with qualifications and a yearly bid as opposed to monthly transfers.

We will convey more information as it becomes available. Please see us in the office for further information.

In Solidarity,

Joe Dermo

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