Tech Ops Shop Committee Bulletin

Brothers and Sisters,

We find ourselves bringing up a past subject to your attention again. When dealing with the company on matters covered under the Collective Agreement, in particular article 17. Please keep in mind that the company does not always follow the prescribed methods and will end up “trolling” for answers during their investigation. There are no innocent “chitchats” with managers. Consider the worst and expect no better. Remember anything you say can and will be used against you.

Please seek a Union Steward immediately when summoned to attend a meeting with management to participate in an investigation or any type of meeting. They, (company) may call them interviews, performance reviews, etc.

Many members are advised informally at the beginning of the shift, through email or spur of the moment. These meetings are designed to catch you off guard. We (shop committee) would also expect to be given the professional courtesy of advance discussion for issues of a serious nature but even that is not happening, nor are we advised in a timely manner of other issues that are disciplinary and punitive in nature towards our co-workers.

We find ourselves, dealing with a management group that cannot or does not want to follow the agreed to processes in the Collective Agreement. The company seems intent on disrespecting your rights under the Collective Agreement and doing whatever it pleases to whomever it chooses. Show support for your fellow Brothers and Sisters, tomorrow it could be you.

Please guide yourselves accordingly,

In Solidarity,

Joe Dermo
Clint Tucker

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