Tech Ops Shop Committee -YYZ Layoff Update

May 5, 2011

YYZ Layoff Update

As previously announced in the May 2 Shop Committee bulletin, Air Canada is laying off 50 of our Brothers and Sisters in Toronto. Unlike past layoffs due to bumping, this round of layoffs is due to claimed surplus employees.

At no time did Air Canada LR (Labour Relations) advise the Union that they intended to layoff beyond the actual requirements and implement a process that disadvantage individuals transition selections, seniority rights and bumping rights during the bumping process.

Listed are the positions that are claimed to be surplus;

2 LLAT Cat 01, 16 LA T Cat 01, 2 Cat 03 NOT, 1 Cat 14 Lead, 3 Cat 15, 1 Cat 19 LLAT, 1 Cat 21, 3 Cat 23, 1 Cat 24, 3 Cat 33, 4 Cat 38,

4 Buyer Analysts, 2 Planners, 1 Licensed Planner, 3 Technical Instructors, 1 Lead Stock Keeper, 2 Tech Data Controllers

Your Union representatives have asked chief arbitrator Martin Teplitsky to arbitrate on this and other related issues immediately.

In Solidarity,

YYZ Technical Operations, Logistics and Supply Shop Committee

Joe D’Ermo
Clinton Tucker

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