The purpose of this package is to provide the membership with a document to capture all of the changes made to the Collective Agreement during the 2022 – 2026 opener as prescribed in article 6 of Appendix XXXXIV. These changes will be incorporated into the Collective Agreement published at the conclusion of the 2022-2026 negotiations opener. The Table of Contents consists of two (2) sections containing the agreed changes as a result of the negotiations process final agreed to language (FAL) from 2022-2026. These FAL’s were included in the Vince Ready Arbitration award.

1. Collective Agreement changes applicable to all Members
2. Collective Agreement changes applicable to Airports/Cargo Members

Section 1 – Applicable to all Members

1. Letter of Understanding 30- Short Term Disability Disputes (Extension to March 31, 2026)
2. Article 16.06.03 Acting Assignment Seniority (doubling of seniority date penalty once past 1040 hours)
3. Side Letter – Statutory Holiday – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Section 2 – Applicable to Airports/Cargo Members

1. Article and Article (Full time lay-off date changed from Jan 1, 1999 to Jan 1, 2005)
2. Side letter: One category MOA (no station attendant bumping rights into CEQ)
3. LOU 5 – Bumping to/from airports/Cargo (language clean up and increase in numbers able to bump)
4. LOU 5 side letter (one time bump opportunity for employees with an eligible active LOU 5 request)
5. Airport/Cargo Trainers 2 side letter (pay increase)
6. LOU 29- side letter (on-line access and changes to interview component)
7. Addendum to Memorandum #12 (increase to certain compression levels in YYZ and YUL)
8. Memorandum of Agreement No. 17 Station Attendant- Aircraft Towing (monthly premium for qualified tow and tow assist station attendants at bases with segregated aircraft tow operations and “Bid function”)
9. Articles,, and (additional primary considerations for promotion and language clean up)

Full Document can be read by clicking here


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