On December 5, 2023

For those that have registered to vote, you will receive an email at 0630 hrs tomorrow with a link to the ballots. If you forget to vote, you will receive a total of 5 reminder emails to vote. Once you vote, the emails will stop.

For those who registered and did not receive any emails, there are a few reasons for that,

  1. You are Inactive
  2. You are a ZR Member (Union Membership Application must be filled.)
  3. You are not in the Union system (Union Membership application must be filled.)

For those in section 2 & 3, you may come to the Local Lodge tomorrow and fill out an application and you will be able to vote.

Those members who did not register before 2359 hours on Sunday December 3, 2023 will not be able to vote.

For those members in YOW. Please send your membership application to st@iamaw2323.ca

In Solidarity,

Jonathan Smith                                                                                    Sal Amin

Secretary Treasurer                                                                        Recording Secretary

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