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Air Canada Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) Steering Committee

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

The Low-Cost Carrier Steering Committee that was originally formed in January 2013 met internally and with Air Canada in Toronto on September 4 and 5, 2013.

Air Canada and rouge executives provided the committee with a roll down of their overall growth strategy and timeline during these meetings. Rouge will be expanding to ten (10) aircraft by year end 2013, thirty (30) aircraft by year end 2014 and will be operating their full target of fifty (50) aircraft by year end 2016.

Air Canada and rouge characterize the rouge carrier as a way of increasing the number of flights that is being done predominantly utilizing aircraft that would otherwise be parked or sold since they are removed from the Air Canada fleet with the arrival of the new B787 and eventual narrowbody replacement aircraft.

The new Low Cost Carrier rouge told the committee that they would like to engage in talks with the IAMAW similar to those they have held with ACPA and CUPE to craft their new work agreements with Air Canada rouge. Air Canada rouge would like to enter into an agreement with the IAMAW to cover off the entire job functions currently performed for them by our members at Air Canada mainline.

The IAMAW has similarly committed to Air Canada and Air Canada rouge that we would like to engage in a process with both companies that will allow our members to be part of their planned growth strategy and success. The IAMAW feels that the interests and livelihoods of our members will be best protected by engaging in this cooperative process.

All parties have committed to work together to create the framework for a process that will identify the requirements and objectives of the new Low Cost and Regional carriers flying under the Air Canada brand. The ultimate goal of this process will be to achieve an agreement that will secure our members’ future within this new corporate structure.

Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and the IAMAW have agreed to meet again as soon as the parties have had identified their lists of issues and objectives. The LCC Steering Committee will keep the membership informed at every stage of this process as we move forward.

The Low Cost Carrier Steering Committee

BULLETIN No. 081 – SEPTEMBER 5, 2013

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