Attention All Members Air Canada Cargo YYZ -Cargo Subcontracting Update

November 22, 2019

Attention All Members Air Canada Cargo YYZ
Cargo Subcontracting Update

In our last bulletin dated November 05, we had advised you that Air Canada was asked
to provide documents and letters that Union counsel Ian Roland had requested in order
to prepare and proceed further with the Subcontract arbitration. These documents are
essential to verify the company assertions made to us before the arbitrator on October
02. They will also assist both ourselves and the arbitrator in seeking return of our
members work.

Our lawyer had drawn up a specific list of documents and letters for the company to
disclose to him. When they were not forthcoming, he requested the arbitrator to order
their disclosure. The resulting arbitration order had a deadline for these documents to be
handed over to our lawyer by November 06. They were not.

We had further advised that should Air Canada be in breach of the arbitration order, our
lawyer would seek to turn the matter into a Court Order. That Court Order was applied for
and issued on November 08. It gave Air Canada 21 days to hand over the requested
letters and documents, or face the consequences of being found in contempt of a Federal
Court Order.

We are pleased to advise that the Court Order was successful and all requested
documents are now with our lawyer. This provides us with the factual basis to verify the
company assertions and proceed with the arbitration to achieve our goal in seeing our
members work returned in-house.

We will continue to keep you informed as the matter unfolds and thank you for your
patience, support and understanding.

In Solidarity,

Dave Flowers
President L.L. 2323

Paul Lefebvre
General Chairperson D.L. 140

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