Key Facts About the Arbitrator’s Decisions on AC Negotiations

Your leadership team is committed to ensuring you have the most recent developments in our bargaining process with Air Canada. IAMAW District 140 and Air Canada successfully concluded the latest round of negotiations, including the final re-opener, within the specified parameters outlined in APPENDIX XXXXIV of the current Collective Agreement.
Following numerous in-person bargaining sessions, The Arbitrator declared an impasse, initiating interest arbitration as prescribed in the Appendix. Throughout several days in November, our legal counsel, working closely with the District Lodge 140 Negotiation Committee, presented our concerns during the arbitration proceedings.
On Dec. 29, 2023, the Arbitrator reached a decision and issued his award. To help you understand the various decisions made during this process, we have prepared a fact sheet outlining the key aspects of the Arbitrator’s rulings.


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