Living Wage Rally

Hi all,

I would like to thank everyone that helped with yesterday’s Living Wage

We had about 40 people show up, including local IAM reps, our local
labour councils, the Canadian Labour Congress, as well as from District
78. Thank you!

Obviously, it would be amazing to have filled the space with our
coworkers and membership. I acknowledge that more can be done to promote
these events including sharing them on social media earlier. I do think
that what is important is that we are putting in the effort and trying
to bring our airport community together to bring about solidarity in
order to demand better wages and working conditions.  If you or anyone
you know would like to be involved in the next action/event, please let
me know so that we can coordinate our efforts and grow this movement for
living wages.

I am sharing two posters that can be printed, posted and shared, each
poster contains the new campaign logo. They contain the links to the
active petitions, one is solely for the new House of Commons petition
sponsored by NDP MP Matthew Green (Petition e-5050 – Petitions
(ourcommons.ca) [1]) and the other includes the petition created by GC
Mike Corrado (Petition · The Vancouver Airport Authority has
implemented a Living Wage. Y not YYZ? #YnotYYZ – Canada · Change.org
[2]) that has already reached an impressive 9700 signatures. The goal
for the House of Commons petition is 5000 signatures before it closes on
October 30, 2024. I truly believe that if we work together across
Canada, we can easily surpass this amount.

For my colleagues working at other bases across the country. By early
next week, I will send you a poster that is specifically branded with
your airport code that can be shared and circulated within your
workplace. I hope that you can circulate them to the local lodges and
the active members to get the word out.

Thanks again to all those that have supported this initiative and have
provided a helping hand.





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