As 2026 Negotiations is quickly approaching. We are asking members to put their name forward to be a part of our 2026 Mobilizing Committee. The Committee will be comprised of both Aircraft Maintenance and Airports members. The Airports and Aircraft Maintenance divisions will be comprised of the following:

Airports – Ramp/Baggage, CSA/LCSA, Cabins, Cargo, Weight & Balance, Trainers, Gate Planners
Aircraft Maintenance – Maintenance, GSE, Planning, Stores, CRE, ASE

The role of this committee is to talk amongst themselves and members of their work locations to discuss the changes needed going forward in the collective agreement. The information gathered will be forwarded to District 140 and the new Negotiating Committee.

All those who are interested please send an email of interest to st@iamaw2323.ca, and president@iamaw2323.ca by March 3, 2024. The Executive Board will choose the committee on the March 5th meeting.

In Solidarity,

Jonathan “Bubba” Smith
Secretary Treasurer

Vick Seebalak

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Interested in joining a committee or have specific concerns you’d like addressed? Reach out to us using the contact form below, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.